Love Yourself Body Oil

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Love Yourself Body Oil

Sage, Hibiscus, Palo Santo, and Franckensince Infused Oil

While sage is known to be purifying, it is also believed to remove unwanted energy and bring about positivity when used with intention. 

We come in with the gorgeous red Hibiscus. This flower is an excellent medium for rejuvenating the senses and restoring life force energy while helping us connect with feelings of deep love and affection. 

The scent of palo santo is nurturing and transformative, often used to cleans the psychological palate, wiping away negative or stale emotions. Palo santo can help ease anxiety, decrease muscle tension and joint pain. It also has mild sedative properties, making it an excellent oil to inhale on a stressful day or before bedtime.

Frankincense has been added to this blend as it can be used to alleviate stress and relieve pain.

*Improving sleep/reducing insomnia
*Clearing negativity and bad vibes
*Removing bacteria from the air
*Repelling insects 
*Improving intuition 
*Psychic communication
*Reducing stress and anxiety
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